Believe written on a beach at sunset.

With my first blog on my own company’s website, I am sharing why I believe when following your aspiration anything is possible!

These words sound too good to be true and usually when you read something that is too good to be true, it’s not. This is true.

With today’s blog I am sharing my aspiration.

I believe when we focus on what is strongly present in ourselves and focus on it, we can accomplish anything. Wow, that’s a big statement and I hear you saying and thinking, that’s a great aspiration, how will you do this. Well, let me walk you through this, I first will tell you about my aspiration and then share how I accomplished this.

My aspiration is to accelerate innovation to get better care to patients faster while striving to be a role model to leadership.

During my professional career, I have been working on many different products mostly on pharmaceutical, objective and subjective measurement tools, and diagnostics. One cannot function without the other. Often this is forgotten. I don’t mean this in the sense its forgotten that one cannot function without the other. No. What I mean with this, its often forgotten to include this in the design of which we can distinguish two clear categories:

1 – The total product life cycle
1 – The architect

As you can see, I ranked them both number 1, because these are equally important.

For category 1, “the total product lifecycle” this is ensuring an effective, efficient product that can be implemented for optimal use AND applied to whom it has affect, for its ENTIRE life cycle.

For category 1, “the architect” the other equally crucial element, is that we have to have someone in place who understands how to build a foundation and how it is all connected so it can benefit EVERYONE. The architect is able to apply the same building principles, but with different elements, in the ever changing regulatory environment and bring a completely different competitive effective efficient safe products to the market, and is also able to accelerate.

After been working on this during my career I thought its time for a change. Its time to bring this to a broader audience, to the entire community where I can share my knowledge and help companies to bring emerging products to market. And change can only start when you start implementing it yourself. This is why I founded SolarisRTC.

Being 25 years in this business, and last couple months as freelancer and now with my own company, recently I contributed to several projects, developed strategies how to bring innovation to patients and spoke at USCAP and Executive War College to share my knowledge about regulations and reimbursement with you. By doing this, I know I will serve patients. By doing this, I live my aspiration.

This is why I believe when we focus on what is strongly present in ourselves and focus on it, we can accomplish anything.


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