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Digital health, specialized in digital pathology, advisory covering the full product development continuum, from research to trials, to clinic. 

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SolarisRTC LLC, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a globally recognized Digital Health Advisory Company with strong partnerships with European based companies. Specializing in Digital Pathology, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire product life cycle, leveraging translational medicine to optimize outcomes. Our primary objective is to expedite early market access, with the ultimate aim of enhancing personal healthcare on a global scale.

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Precision Medicine

Its all about 1) bringing effective treatment to patients, and 2) implementing innovative promising emerging products in health care to optimize treatment effect. One cannot function without the other and we recognize the trend that digitization is a required element for scalable and sustainable healthcare.

Digital Health

Digital Health creates a new way to interact, and that will benefit everybody. We need to have a holistic view of the problem, its all interwoven, how its created, governed and generated. We need to have an architect sitting at the centre of that. Using all building blocks and create a solid foundation.

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Data Strategy

Partnership is key as it ensures understanding between manufacturers / industry, users, consumers and patients, to correctly develop and validate products for optimal clinical and economic utility. To apply data, we need to ensure adoption and adaption of regulatory science and regulations.

We Solve Real Problems

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Business Strategy

Optimizing business models by using a systemic approach.

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Regulatory Strategy & Operations

Take the lead in ideation and development phases .


Clinical Strategy & Operations

From conception, trough commercialization into clinical implementation.

Reimbursement Strategy

Bringing net benefits to the user and consumer leveraging clinical and economic utility.


Efficiently and effectively implement patient first, safety and transparency.

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Business Operations & Partnerships

Connect all crucial elements in digital health to deliver Precision Medicine to patients.

We work globally with partners all over the world.
We bring East and West together.
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Expertise That Speeds Up The Process

In today’s competitive business landscape, fast product development is key to staying ahead of the curve and seizing market opportunities. At SolarisRTC, we specialize in helping businesses expedite their product development processes and achieve rapid time-to-market. Our consulting services are designed to empower your organization, providing the expertise, strategies, and resources needed to accelerate product development and drive your success. We support activities in the entire product life cycle using translational medicine to expedite early Market Access to improve personal healthcare. This is realized through providing our expert knowledge addressing specific needs and problems.

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With our core and skillset consisting of four major components, 1) Regulatory, 2) Clinical Affairs, including Health Economics and clinical utility, 3) Pharma & Devices and 4) Quality, as well as our large network in Regulatory, Biopharma and Pathology, we hit the ground running and can instantly make the noticeable difference for Digital Health, Digital Pathology, and optimally contribute to your missions such as:

  • Commercialization, business plans, value proposition
  • Regulatory and Clinical Strategy for Diagnostics, Companion Diagnostics and tools to optimize and accelerate product and drug development
  • Defining and optimizing requirements of Endpoints for Discovery, Development, Health Economics and Clinical Utility and identifying reliable, accurate, unbiased data
  • Architecture of systems ensuring interoperability
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