A road with 2024 displayed

May 2024 be wonderful! 

Wow, 2023 has been quite a year personally and professionally.

Just like most of us, I use this last week of 2023 to reflect, personally and professionally. This year professionally includes my own business, focusing on precision medicine, digital pathology and regulatory science. Having our SolarisRTC team grown and evolve, we are daily collaborating on regulatory documents, bookkeeping, clinical study designs, test designs, regulatory science, webdesign, strategizing, coaching, mentoring and much more. Collaborating with partners and clients to optimize the product life cycle, services and expanding market segments and markets. All to serve patients.

As a business owner, executing deliverables, from stapling papers, fixing IT issues to writing documents and having engaging conversations with health care providers, payers, patients, family, friends and government representatives. Being supported by my loved ones and by all of you. Thank you for your support, your love, your conversations, your laughter, your joy, and your transparency and openness to connecting and sharing!

Not that I am not reflecting throughout the year, this week is special, it is a great opportunity. A week at the end of a calendar year to look back at how we have grown, what we have accomplished, and what we have learned. 

The strength in us, is that we fail, fall down, and use the failure, use the hard – and often cold – floor to learn, to stand up and walk again. If we lose, we do not lose the lesson we learn from it. When I break something, I own it and I have to fix it.

More than ever, I have learned to express I am grateful, to never delay gratitude. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, to no one. There is a lot of chaos in this world in all areas, and I am grateful that I with many others can serve who we are supposed to serve as well as for our heroes who serve to protect us so we can serve others.

May 2024 be wonderful! 

2024, here we come!

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