One size does not fit all

One size does not fit all As many of you, I was participating in the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) event. It always impresses me the amount of individuals participating in this event and working in this space. I am grateful to be one of them, to be a cog in this continuum […]

Science talks. Collaborative partnerships make it happen.

Science talks. Collaborative partnerships make it happen. The LDT rule. It is here, it has been announced. There are many comments, blogs, websites, articles, webinars, panel sessions and posts published about it and it affects many. Therefore, I am grateful to notice that all affected stakeholders, have been, are and keep partnering in development of […]

Combining medical with business

Why this blog today? To emphasize what lab medicine needs, i.e., a holistic approach from a holistic viewpoint to solve the current problems we are facing. Using technology, with a business mindset to help patients.  The other week I was honored to present my use case, a holistic approach from a holistic viewpoint “AI tools in […]

Hello 2024!

A road with 2024 displayed

May 2024 be wonderful!  Wow, 2023 has been quite a year personally and professionally. Just like most of us, I use this last week of 2023 to reflect, personally and professionally. This year professionally includes my own business, focusing on precision medicine, digital pathology and regulatory science. Having our SolarisRTC team grown and evolve, we […]

…High on the agenda? Difficult? Important? Necessary? 

The word Interoperability on top of a white puzzle pieces.

… High on the agenda? Difficult? Important? Necessary? These are some examples of the unpublished words of the question “Why is interoperability so…?” of my previous blog. The answer to all these? Because it brings value to whom needs it! Yes, unfortunately it is also the answer to the question why interoperability is so difficult. […]

FDA Pilot Program Lab Developed Companion Diagnostics

Laboratory Research with data graphics

Today the FDA published a pilot program using minimal performance criteria for companion diagnostics. When reading it, I regard this could benefit patients and labs. FDA seems to be looking into no more one-drug-one test using minimal performance criteria. I certainly applaud this; it’s about care and well-being of patients. Reading the guidance, it seems […]

When Following Your Inspiration Anything Is Possible

Believe written on a beach at sunset.

With my first blog on my own company’s website, I am sharing why I believe when following your aspiration anything is possible! These words sound too good to be true and usually when you read something that is too good to be true, it’s not. This is true. With today’s blog I am sharing my […]