Look backward to move forward

This can’t be it, there has to be more than this!

Today Mar 24, 2024 a year ago I founded SolarisRTC LLC with the mindset to serve and help patients. Being in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, I identified many mistakes, many impediments which all create opportunities to improve. Over the years, I noticed and realized more and more that industry is for its rightfully so and understandable reasons led by their capital investors and as result might divert from its original aspiration.

Combining medical with business

Why this blog today? To emphasize what lab medicine needs, i.e., a holistic approach from a holistic viewpoint to solve the current problems we are facing. Using technology, with a business mindset to help patients.  The other week I was honored to present my use case, a holistic approach from a holistic viewpoint “AI tools in […]

From Volume Based to Value Based Care

Doctor holding icons that present a value based healthcare model

From volume based to value based care. This is what we hear. This is what we wish for our patients, this is what we want for our loved ones, for ourselves. Why then is it not happening? Today I am going to blog about reimbursement of diagnostic tests in the USA. I believe reimbursement can […]

Grow Strong Through Teamship

A title that reads What Are You Waiting? with a clock on the right.

ASCO, what a great conference (https://conferences.asco.org/am/attend). I am grateful to be among so many people working to fight against cancer. Can you imagine, what it would be like, when the collaboration in the pre-competitive space would grow stronger? I can. With this blog I want to take the opportunity to share that it’s no longer […]