This can’t be it, there has to be more than this!

Today Mar 24, 2024 a year ago I founded SolarisRTC LLC with the mindset to serve and help patients. Being in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, I identified many mistakes, many impediments which all create opportunities to improve. Over the years, I noticed and realized more and more that industry is for its rightfully so and understandable reasons led by their capital investors and as result might divert from its original aspiration. Please do not get me wrong, I don’t want to come across as not appreciating industry. I am coming from the perspective that we need industry AND people who serve to move forward, this goes hand in hand. Therefore, I decided to take action. It is my duty to look into the mirror and blame myself for changes that have not been made. At SolarisRTC’s one (1) year anniversary, I therefore look backward to move forward.

With SolarisRTC I provide strategic commercialization consulting services with ethical insights to connect with trust and to lead with respect, that allows patients getting access to healthcare that they truly need for their body, mind and wellbeing.

I recognize the health care system was focused on volume, and in this digital era, there was a shift to individualism, which is not the same as personalization. I am glad to notice the healthcare system is changing, globally, more patient advocacy groups are being heard and more actions are taken to improve patient management. I identified changes with three major trends in health care: 1) the need and growth for standardized data 2) platforms to make data accessible and 3) a personalized approach.

These trends are key elements for a foundation to implement and apply true personalized medicine and precision medicine, which aligns with my aspiration I described above. I strongly believe when we connect these elements, we will succeed in turning the current so called ‘healthcare’ system, which is in my opinion a ‘how do we manage diseases in an economic way system’, into a true healthcare system, i.e, an “optimized health and wellbeing system”. Why I believe this? When we share data, we share knowledge, with knowledge we build and grow, and with this we can decide with disciplined focus what this means for you as a person.

Lets look backward to move forward.